Arts Guide to Oxford

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A project to make information about art opportunities at the university more widely available to students.


Welcome to the 2020 Oxford students' Arts guide! 

Here we have compiled a list of art opportunities and groups on campus/online for the aspiring or experienced student artist.

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Note from the Author

Oxford University is a wonderful place - and this is coming from someone who (like many it seems) had a challenging first year. My 18-year-old self came to Oxford expecting it to be a magical land where everything I wanted to do would be put on a silver tray for me to enjoy. I was very wrong. Oxford is wonderful not because things are given to you, but because you can make things happen. What is given is opportunity.

I was thoroughly disappointed by the lack of a well-established Art society when I started my first term. My plan had been to put all my energy into art at university and find refuge in it. But the reality hit hard - there was “no art” in Oxford, and so I spent my first year doodling in my room. I lacked information and perhaps motivation. 

In reality, there are plenty of art opportunities around campus, if one is willing to look for them, and many more that could be done with a bit of an entrepreneurial spirit. While I was a fresher, OxArt, the first uni-wide Art society, was founded by a fellow student. After my year abroad, I decided to take part in the committee and became co president. I also started illustrating for student magazines, and my time in Oxford has been full of art and extremely fulfilling. This guide is an attempt to compile all the art opportunities which might interest the artistically-inclined students, or those who are thinking of including more art in their lives, so that they can make the best of their time at uni. I hope you find it useful.

-  Written by Eloise Fabre 

Thank you to: Oxford SU, Bronwyn Riani, Lucy Li Chenhui, Elliott Rose, Richard Wagner