Green Trashing

Project Leader

A project to raise awareness of the environmental impact of trashing.

Come along to one of our sales

We'll be at the OxHub on:

Tuesday 5th week

Wednesday 8th week

9th week, TBC

Our pop up times are still TBC, keep an eye on our facebook page for more information


Bulk Orders

Thanks to everyone who donated by bulk ordering Trashing products. We are no longer taking bulk orders. If you wish to order large quantities, you should refer to our recommended suppliers lists in the Green Trashing Guide


How much of each product should you order?

Biodegradable Confetti - 1 bag is enough for 10 people

Holipowder - 1 bag is more than sufficient to trash one person. In fact you could be economical about it and only use half and use the other half to trash another friend. Holi powder is sold in packs of 14 bags

Biodegradable Glitter - 1 x 100g bag is enough for 14 people, or 1 x pre-packaged tin for one person. The bags should be bought with the empty aluminium tins and you will need to share the glitter out. Alternatively, you could buy the glitter in pre-packaged tins but this works out much more expensive. (£2.64 v £6 per person)

You can also buy little paper bags which are good for separating the confetti into.


Marine Conservation Society

The Marine Conservation Society does fantastic work in trying to reduce plastic waste and in particular reduce plastic waste from escaping into our oceans. They do this by funding reports in to the effects of plastic on our wildlife and then using this to help change policy and provide recommendations to the government. They also hold public campaigns to raise awareness for what we as individuals can do to reduce our plastic waste. Plastic poses a serious threat to wildlife which can get entangled in it and can kill them. Microplastics can be consumed by organisms and work its way up the food chain, with the potential to disrupt hormones and vital internal workings of the organism. So please donate to this amazing charity to support their work and enable your Common room to make a positive environmental difference!