Information for Schools

The Schools List

If you are a staff member from a state Sixth Form School or College with little or no history of sending successful applicants to Oxbridge, and/or a student population who come from backgrounds with limited progression to higher education we would love to send you communications about Target School's activites. 

We typically run four Shadowing Days per term and an online messaging service between Sixth Formers and Oxford Students called 'OxBuddy' (please see respective pages for more information). We are planning to expand our activities, such as sending Oxford Students into schools across the UK to do presentations on life at Oxford and would love to keep you up to date so your school can apply for these.

Please visit Target Schools | Linktree to sign up to our Schools Mailing List!

Safety and Safeguarding

Safety and safeguarding are Target School's priority in all our activites. For this reason we require all of our student volunteers to take part in safeguarding training, have strict rules prohibiting further communications with the Sixth Formers who visit us, and have Oxford SU staff on call during every Shadowing Day. Our Student Committee have all ungone DBS checks and received further indepth safeguarding training to ensure we are best equipped to handle any incidents.

The majority of Target School's activities take place in Oxford College where there is always a first aider on hand in the unlikely event of an accident or injury.