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Following the Oxford SU Leadership Elections, we are running a by-election to fill three vacant positions as NUS Delegates. From the three positions up for election, at least two of them must be self-defining women. It’s an incredibly rewarding experience and a great opportunity to develop your leadership and communication skills. We offer a full range of support along the way including Candidate briefings. 



NUS Delegate(x3)


Conference dates:   15th & 16th March 2023

What's the role?: Elected NUS Delegates, together with Oxford SU's President, represent the Student Members at the Univeristy of Oxford at the annual NUS Conference. This is the main democratic body of the the National Union of Students and sets its policy, amends its governance and elects the next set of leaders of the Student Movement. At the NUS National Conference 2014, delegates passed a policy to ensure that delegations would be made up of 'at least 50% self-defining women, rounded down'. We will therefore ensure that a minimum of three delegates are self-defining women. During this by-election 3 Positions  are available. At least two of the three delegates have to be self-defining women.

Key Aspects of the role: 

1.    Be available on the 15th & 16th March 2023 to attend national conference

2.    Be available for a 1 hour briefing by Oxford SU staff on Oxford SU policy and key documents. 

3.    Record each of your votes which will be reported to Trinity Student Council. 

4.    Accommodation, Travel, food allowance will be paid for by Oxford SU. 

The vote of the delegate is not a personal vote, but one that is made on behalf of the 23,000 students at the University of Oxford. As such, certain votes can be bound by the mandate of Student Council and all votes can be scrutinised and held accountable by the Oxford student body

Benefits of standing

  • You’ll be voting on topics of national importance and having your say on the high-profile political work NUS undertakes
  • You’ll be representing the Oxford student body – that’s over 23,000 students!
  • You’ll experience an intriguing and exciting conference, meeting students from all over the UK
  • As a low-commitment role, you can hold this position while studying and aside from the 2 days of the conference and an initial meeting with your fellow delegates, you won’t need to spare any more time during the year


Full Job Description

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If you have concerns about the conduct of a candidate or someone campaigning for a candidate, we recommend you contact to try to resolve your concerns informally. You can also submit a formal complaint by filling out this form below

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Nominations Open

Thursday 2nd March | 00:00


Nominations Close

Monday 6th March | 12:00


Candidate Briefing

Tuesday 7th March| 12:00


Manifesto Deadline

Tuesday 7th March | 17:00





Voting Opens

Wed 8th March| 08:00


Voting Closes

Friday 10th March | 18:00


Results Announcement

Friday 10th March | 19:00