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The Oxford University Africa Society, popularly known as AfriSoc, is a vibrant student-led society with members from all over the African continent and the diaspora. AfriSoc aims to build a vibrant and supportive community for African students in Oxford, mentor African scholars and provide a platform to discuss African issues and bring together people from all backgrounds who share a desire for positive change in Africa. Established in 1958, AfriSoc continues to be a home away from home for many African students and others seeking to learn more about Africa. AfriSoc organises various activities throughout the academic year, mainly tailored to celebrate Black excellence and create spaces to share Black joy. The biggest AfriSoc event is the annual Oxford Africa Conference. The conference brings together local, regional, and global experts to discuss and explore ways of contributing to Africa’s fast-growing economy. In addition to the problem-solving-focused seminars and conferences, the society organises academic mentorship programs for brilliant Africans applying to Oxford University. In 2022, AfriSoc mentored over 100 students, of which 57 submitted their applications and 17 gained admission to Oxford. AfriSoc also organises free weekly Kiswahili classes for members who wish to learn a new language. The Kiswahili faculty takes learners from beginner level to Kiswahili conversational proficiency. Other academic events include the reading corner, essay writing workshops and research roundtables in collaboration with AfOx. The society runs a robust student welfare programme led by the welfare officer, who is available to talk about any concerns students may have. As part of welfare, the society organises welfare tea and cake events for members. This term, the society plans to host a postgrad mixer, Pan African discussion and an AfroBop.