Social Secretary


Vice President


The Oxford Light Entertainment Society (known as OULES - pronounced "Owls") is all about spreading laughter and joy and raising money for charities. How do we do that? We do plays, one every term, from Tuesday-Thursday of 8th Week. Auditions (for want of a better term - they're really very relaxed affairs, and you can audition for whatever part you wish, no experience, talent, etc. necessary) are held on Sunday of 1st Week every term. Admission to the society is absolutely free, all we ask for is people who can give their time (typically this means attending our twice-weekly rehearsals, although this is not strictly enforced, so long as we see you regularly), their commitment, and their enthusiasm towards creating our typically fantastic productions - fantastic because, when most of the cast is stressing over exams, when it's opening night and our plucky protagonist can't remember their lines, even when we've been stuck in a rehearsal room in ridiculous and unflattering outfits for several hours, we still manage to have boatloads of fun and often form the firmest of friendships!