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"The Oxford Coalition Against Homelessness (formerly the Oxford SU's On Your Doorstep) is a student campaign that works alongside local action groups and Oxford's homeless community to support rough sleepers. In 2019, Oxford had the highest cost out housing when compared to average annual earnings out of any UK city. Alarmingly, the city is also second in the country for homeless deaths per capita. As students of one of the wealthiest institutions in the United Kingdom, CAH believes it is our responsibility to fight for homeless people in this city and across the UK. CAH envisions a world where everyone has a dignified, safe, and warm home, and recognizes that the problem is political. We put together panel discussions, talks, and fundraising events relating to homelessness and housing rights every term, with the aim of educating the student body on these issues and encouraging them to get involved. As a campaign, CAH has organized petitions, boycotts, and more, depending on the political developments of given terms. Particularly in the winter (Hilary) term, CAH members have participated in direct outreach work with Oxford's homeless residents, often coordinating with another student group, Turl Street Homeless Action."