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The Oxford Archaeological Society is an organisation which aims to provide students, alumni and enthusiasts who share a passion for archaeology with a platform to discuss and learn about the subject. Founded in 1919 by Edward Thurlow Leeds, later of the Ashmolean Museum, OAS activities were previously the realms of the Brass Rubbing Society (1893-1901) and the Antiquarian Society (1901-1914) Notable archaeologists to have held the presidency of the society include Nowell Myers, Martin Hope, Kathleen Kenyon, Francis Maddison, Jeffrey May and Andrew Selkirk. The Society has conducted various archaeological fieldwork projects in Oxfordshire, including excavations at Mingies Ditch and Alchester. Since 2007 the society has been involved with excavation campaigns at Dorchester-On-Thames, a joint project of the University of Oxford, Oxford Archaeology & the people of the town. Today, OAS offers speaker events presented by archaeologists from outside Oxford as well as those based at the University, social events and workshops, as well as boasting an impressive archives project.