Welfare officer

Kickboxing arose from karate in the late 1970’s. Practitioners of karate found they wanted to test themselves fully against other practitioners of their art and hence fight full contact. They took the punches and upper body movement of boxing and melded it with kicks of karate to create an effective and, when practice with correct technique, elegant fighting style. At Oxford University Kickboxing Club we still consider kickboxing to be a martial art. A martial art is something anyone can practice, whatever their physical abilities and sporting prowess. Martial arts are about self-improvement and challenging yourself to be the best that you can be. No matter how long we have been training, we all still seek that elusive perfect technique. Thus we welcome everyone to our club, no matter their ability, and believe we have one of the most inclusive and friendly clubs at Oxford University. At the same time, we realise some of our members not only want to better themselves, as is the ethos of traditional martial arts, but they also wish to test themselves against others. For this reason we compete, very successfully, in tournaments including the University Championships and have an annual Varsity match.