We are Oxford's original student organisation of the radical left, first founded in 1931, banned by the university, and resurrected in 2022.

Our aim is to be a political home for radical students at the university and channel enthusiasm into building a long-term base of student-worker-community power at Oxford.

We run various regular events, including:

  • Socials, namely our regular drinking and discussion nights - Red Stripe and Revolution!

  • Film screenings

  • Speaker events (famous historic speakers include H.G. Wells and George Bernard Shaw)

  • Campaign forums, where members involved in campaigns in-and-against (as well as outside) the university can share their successes and challenges, and think beyond the necessary immediacy of their campaigns.

We are:

COMMUNIST- no one should be forced to depend on work, the market, and the landlord in order to live.

ABOLITIONIST- police and prisons do not exist to keep us safe.

FEMINIST- for trans liberation and the abolition of gendered violence and exploitation.

ANTI-IMPERIALIST - for an end to the capitalist logic of racial violence and neo-colonial extraction.

For more explanation of who we are, our activities, strategy and positions, see our website.

We are completely independent, and have no affiliation to any national party!