"Jacari provides free 1:1 tuition for local disadvantaged children and young people aged 6-16 from migrant, asylum seeking and refugee backgrounds who speak English as an Additional Language. Jacari has been providing educational support to children who use English as an Additional Language for over 50 years. Founded by University of Oxford students in 1956, Jacari soon grew to be a huge student society, with over 2,000 members in 1958. Our volunteers offer 1:1 support to improve the confidence, language skills and aspirations of the children we support. We train volunteer tutors to provide 1:1 tuition which improves Jacari pupils’ literacy and numeracy skills and boosts their confidence. We run volunteer events such as teaching workshops and drop-in sessions to ensure our volunteers are supported in their tutoring and volunteer socials so that tutors can meet each other and build a Jacari community! We offer training sessions and a free DBS check to ensure that our volunteers are equipped and safe to tutor the pupils we support. In Oxford, we are partnered with twelve local schools to ensure that the pupils most in need of additional support in language learning can be matched with a volunteer tutor. Find out more on our website at"