The Graduate Inequality Review was founded in 2021 to provide an opportunity for graduate students from across the University of Oxford to partake in a dialogue about one of the most important issues in modern politics and society. Working to bring together works from a wide variety of disciplines and degree programs, the Review serves as a forum for debate about the ways inequality has affected and shaped our world - and the ways it will continue to do so. Our team of editors works to bring together a yearly publication - combining both academic and perspective writing - that is released toward the end of Trinity term every year. We also host an annual conference for our published authors, editors, and any other interested members of the graduate community to discuss the topics covered in the most recent version of the Review.


Our founding mission is to foster a stronger, interdisciplinary academic community to dive deeper into the complex issue of inequality. With contributions from political science, history, economics, sociology, and so much more, inequality is a topic best understood through a multifaceted approach. The Graduate Inequality Review seeks to create a space for Oxford graduate students to participate in and learn from that multifaceted approach. In so doing, it hopes to both support emerging researchers in their own academic endeavours and shape the research environment of the University at large.