Global Brigades is an international student-led charity. Global Brigades Society organise and run fundraisers, as well as running socials and information events. Brigades cover a range of expertise; medical, dental, engineering, legal, water, public health and business.

Currently, Oxford runs an annual Legal Empowerment Brigade to Greece. Volunteers learn more about the refugee context in Greece, with talks and discussions with lawyers from the Greek Council of Refugees. Volunteers organise and run legal educational sessions for unaccompanied minors during visits to unaccompanied minor shelters. Volunteers prepare and compete in a MOOT on a recent case, typically involving the Greek authorities treatment of refugees that infringes international human rights law. Sign up to the Brigades, which will commence in the summer vacation 2024 (dates tbc), by emailing us that you would like to be added to the mailing list.

If you would be interested in setting up/helping to facilitate a Brigade in another sector (medical, dental, engineering, water, public health or business), please email us!

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