Ensuring student voices are heard in the University’s Coronavirus Response

Who's making it happen


Oxford SU is playing a leading role in the University of Oxford's response to the coronavirus. Our priority is to ensure student voices and concerns are listened to and acted on at every level of covid response. 

We are sitting on a range of covid response groups at the Unviersity including the Bronze group, Education Steering group, Hilary and Trinity co-ordination group, Student experience group.

Key areas for us include: academic support (we recently launched our Fair outcomes for students campaign), mental health (we secured a mental health taskforce) and a range of other issues from accomodation to hardship funds, sport and student life.

Check out our news page to get the latest on our work responding to coronavirus.


Our current focus around covid response has been on lobbying the government to allow students to return to Uni and lobbying the colleges to allow students to self-certify and return if they come under a government exemption. We are now focussing on ensuring the best possible student experience in Trinity Term particularly around events and study spaces.

We are in the process of confirming Oxford Uni plans following updated govt guidance for unis expected on 10/5/21. We are lobbying the uni to resolve issues raised to us by students around accessibility of LFD tests and library issues.

We've secured a marquee in Uni Parks for student events: https://www.oxfordsu.org/representation/sabbatical-officers/blog/6545/Love-Oxford-Oxford-SU-and-University-partner-to-secure-marquee-for-student-events-in-University-Par/ We've secured changes to the library booking system: https://www.facebook.com/photo?fbid=1423910094623344&set=a.157879187893114