Reducing greenhouse emissions by the cessation of beef and lamb consumption at university outlets and catering services (as opposed to college Food & Beverage establishments)

Who's making it happen


1. To mandate the VP Charities and Communities to campaign for the removal of beef and lamb products at the university level by the end of Hilary Term 2021. The scope of this motion includes university-operated catering outlets and university-organised events, but not colleges. The VP Charities and Communities shall campaign by:?

a) Requesting regular meetings with the university authorities to advocate for:

i) The adoption of a university policy surrounding meat reduction and removal, especially in respect of beef and lamb, reviewed annually,

ii) The university to issue advice to faculties, departments, and colleges on how they may follow suit in removing beef and lamb.

b) Informing staff and students within the University as to Oxford SU’s support for the removal of beef and lamb and the purposes and reasoning behind the policy and raising awareness of the benefits of removing beef and lamb.


Secured: fortnightly catch ups with the head of sustainability to check in on progress. Communicated: coverage of this project delivered in Cherwell, The Oxford Student, LBC, Lad Bible, UniLad, Metro, Daily Mail Next steps: The university has suspended all University level catering until at least March 2021. Discussion on the services beyond March 2021 are ongoing and shortly a new working group (which will include the VP Charities and Community) will be convened to discuss catering provision going forward where this issue will continue to be raised.