Supporting LGBTQ+ Rights and Welfare in Light of Events at Magdalen College

Who's making it happen


  1. To Mandate the SU President to write a statement:

  2. Reaffirming the SU’s unequivocal commitment to LGBTQ+ rights and equality worldwide, including the right to marriage. 

  3. Urging the President of Magdalen College to commit to ensuring an LGBTQ+ inclusive and welcoming atmosphere at Magdalen College.

  1. Signposting welfare support to Magdalen?students and others who feel hurt as a result of the incident and subsequent discourse.

2. To mandate the VP WEO, working with the SU LGBTQ+ Campaign and Campaign for Racial Awareness and Equality, to create a bank of resources providing information on the global oppression of LGBTQ+ people worldwide. These should mention the disproportionate impact global homophobia has on Queer People of Colour and contain specific resources people can donate to supporting LGBTQ+ rights in the Cayman Islands. They should then be distributed by the VP WEO to JCR & MCR Presidents and LGBTQ+ reps to share with their Common Rooms.