Alternative Prospectus

Who's making it happen


We aim to revitalize/relaunch the Alternative Prospectus to ensure that prospective undergraduate and graduate students have the information they need to apply to and be successful at Oxford. The alternative prospectus was last updated in 2016 and much of the information is now out of date. Many university sites still refer to our AP in their materials, however some have told us they will stop promoting it unless it is updated.


Over the Christmas Vacation, our student staff member completed work on our website guide to be used by staff. We also have appointed Target School committee members to work on the site throughout this term

During the Easter Vacation, we sent out an all student email asking for contributions to the new Alternative Prospectus. A huge thank you to the hundreds of students that filled out our forms!! Now that Trinity Term has started, we're going to working to collate the responses, and follow up with specific student groups where we need further response in order to successfully complete pages for the Alternative Prospectus. Over the Easter vacation, we also had meetings with the Undergraduate Admissions Office regarding how we can ensure the legality of the Alternative Prospectus under government guidelines regulated by the Competition and Markets Authority. - Tucker

The forms were sent out again in an all student email. The team has been reaching out to college representatives where we are still lacking responses in order to update pages.